12 December 2010

Microsoft Surface, The New Technology.

It`s true! Not kidding! The Surface! As shown in The Movie Avatar!
Put your hand on a surface, turning around, touch! touch! and touch!
Daaaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaanggggggggggggg!!!! Your programs is running!
Oh my gosh! What do you think about the world?!
How is the technologies actually works?!

Sony`s atracTable!

Microsoft’s Surface technology just may have some serious competition heading its way as Sony is in the news yet again with their own intuitive touch system called ‘The atracTable’. This technology from Sony is quite likely scheduled to be released at the beginning of June. The original company behind the technology is a Atracsys, Swiss Company that made it their business to be quite ahead in Multi-touch interaction systems. They also happened to be the guys responsible for the 60-inch Multi-Touch tangible atracTable in 2008. The technology was recently bought by Sony who intends to put it to good use in a 35-inch full HD, high contrast atracTable.

The technology is quiet similar to Microsoft Surface. The table will be capable of interacting with objects placed on it and offer various options etc. From a coffee cup in a restaurant letting you choose and order your coffee without calling for a waiter or standing in line to infarction with visitors at a museum or shot etc. The possibilities are vast for this technology. The UI is basically designed to - analyze body movements and act on any gesture or change in position, including your body, arm, hand or finger. The system uses two Sony ISS XCD-V60 cameras that build a 3D image and allow users to interact with the set up.

Sources : Newlaunches.com

And now! The Pioneer!

 Pioneer is the latest company to take on Microsoft’s Surface after Sony’s Atrac Table. Their Discussion Table looks like it could seriously give Surface a run for its money. It might also fare quite well in because I don’t see this being too high priced a technology as all that since it’s essentially a PC that runs on a Core i7 processor a Windows Embedded Standard 7. Of course there’s a bit of coding on top for gestures etc. It’s designed to work in tandem with your mobile PCs i.e. tablets, note/netbooks etc. and features multi-touch functionality, TransferJet embedded into the bezel for getting data off of digicams etc. and even a humongous virtual keyboard. It’ll also let you simply push or throw, if you will, data onto secondary displays. Look out Surface!

Sources : Newlaunches.com 

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