09 December 2010

Google Chrome OS

Woot! Another new born Operating System in the world!
The Google Chrome OS! Google had completely done a demo for set-up a Google Chrome Machine within a minute and also wake it up from the sleep mode. The result is not really good as Google said it can be faster. Furthermore, the operating system will automatic update weekly, it can make the system getting faster and faster.
Well, Google will keep going the works on the apps as well. Bug fixing and tweaking still going on, which is mean the OS is still on the way. But, Google did announced the OS will be done and launch in the Mid of 2011.
The machine which pairing with Google Chrome OS will be on Intel-based, Acer and Samsung. But, the world`s 1st machine which running the OS is named Cr-48, it does not come with brand. However, Cr-48 will not available in any market. At last, stay tune for the coming week! We`re waiting for the full review of Cr-48.

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