04 October 2010

Reviews of SnapIt Screen Capture 3.7

Introduction of SnapIt Screen Capture 3.7, it`s a software developed by Digeus, Inc. a software company found in 2008. A young company but the developments and research is bringing a lot of convenience for their customers.
SnapIt Screen Capture 3.7 is a easy and convenient tool for bloggers, reviewers, and everyone who need to capture or crop images from different sources without wasting your time to edit the images and crop it out. One click by using SnapIt Screen Capture 3.7, and you are done! Exactly, what you want! SnapIt Screen Capture 3.7 is truly recommended for everyone!

Well, here is the steps how do you install and purchase SnapIt Screen Capture.
Please follow all the highlighted in red! 

1.) Kindly head to this link for download or purchase SnapIt 3.7 
Digeus, Inc. software company is very intimate to all the customers, you`re able to download a 14days trial version of SnapIt 3.7 to try it out before you decide purchase or not! 

2.) After done the download, started from Step 2 to Step 7 is the installation for SnapIt 3.7
Click "Next >"

Do tick on the "I accept the terms in the license agreement", and click "Next >"

Type in your User Name and Organization, click "Next >"

Click "Next >"

Click "Install" to proceed, it would takes about few minutes, depends on your computer performance.

Tick on the "Launch SnapIt 3.7", and click "Finish"
I personally been surprised SnapIt 3.7 can be easily done the installation without reboots computer!
This would shown, Digeus, Inc. is a developments software applications company with the end-users  convenience in mind!

This message will pop up after you`ve click "Finish"
Enjoy snapping by using free SnapIt 3.7 in 14days after the installation!

For SnapIt 3.7 user guides, please do refer to this link

Requirement for SnapIt 3.7 :
-Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista x32, x64/ Windows 7 x32, x64

Features for SnapIt 3.7 :
-Support hot-keys, auto-savings, clipboard
-Automatically copied screenshots to the clipboard
-Tracks capture history, auto-saved captured images
-Saves files in BMP,GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats
-Auto-names captured images

Yea! Now I`m enjoy snapping by using SnapIt 3.7! SnapIt 3.7 really bring a lot of convenience for me!
From now, I saved my time on editing and cropping my PrtScreen!
Personally I will giving SnapIt 3.7 a 9/10, it`s awesome in snapping/cropping screen!
The only one which I think that`s not enough perfect, it`s SnapIt 3.7 only cropping/snapping screen in square! I wish Digeus, Inc. can provide a round cropping/snapping in SnapIt in the future!

Please Take Note

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You will be issue a reg code and name!

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