01 October 2010

iPhone 4 Overheating Issue

Does this message shown in your iPhone 4 while you`re gaming / surfing ?
Or even when you take it out from pocket wanted to read a new SMS/ answer a Call from your friend?

Yes, this is just happened on iPhone 4.
According to Digi`s iPhone 4 users, they had faced this issue!
It is just happened in room temperature, and the user just hang the phone alone, never touch it.
When the phone rang up, he was trying to pick up and answering the call, but he was not able to do,
the phone had shown this warning message.

Well, who had read the Apple iPhone 3G[S] reports, you should knew it.
According to Apple, "if the interior temperature of the device exceeds normal operating temperatures, you may experience the following as it attempts to regulate its temperature: the device stops charging, display dims, and/or weak cellular signal." 

The operating system limit on the iPhone 4, temperature-wise is around 35c!
Back to the reports made by user, the iPhone 4 overheated and shown the warning is in air-condition and cold to touch.
Currently there`s few Digi user complained about the overheating issue.
If you`re facing this issue, please kindly head to Digi center and try to claim up the warranty. It may causes by hardware issue.


  1. So far no overheating issue yet. Maybe I did not play enough games. Time to play more games and make it hang. :P

  2. Yea! I pray it won`t happen on mine! Maybe it`s bug, maybe it`s hardware issue. Not sure. So far I multiple task 20 apps it wont lag at all. We must thanks to iPhone 4 Dual-Ram!!

  3. Yeah... I did not face any slowness after open many apps too. Nice iOS 4, more RAM and faster CPU. :)