26 September 2010

Recommended Applications For iPhone 4

iPhone 4 users, please do update your software to 4.1 which is the latest.
Please do update through the latest iTunes, and make sure you`re running in Windows 7 / XP!
Not Vista! There`s some people who update through Windows Vista got bricked or stuck,
and need to restore it back to 4.0.2, if you never done a backup, good luck to you.
After update your firmware to 4.1, your data will totally gone!
So, please kindly do a backup before update it, after update, you will just need to restore it back!
All the settings in your iPhone will be back! No worry!

After done the OS update, let`s search some useful applications for you iPhone 4!

*Socialist Network*
-Skype (Social Networking, allow you to chit-chat/call your friends)
-Messenger (MSN user is a MUST)
-Facebook (Social Networking)

-iBooks (Allow you to read iBooks with your iPhone 4)
-KTdict C-E (A useful Chinese to English Dictionary)
-英汉字典 (A useful English to Chinese Dictionary)
-Dictionary! (A Dictionary for Chinese to English and also English to Chinese)

-Covert Units (A tools help you to convert all the Base Quantities)
-Sleep (A third party alarm application for iPhone, come with a lot of features! Must TRY!)
-Illusion Hand-Free Edition (A tools help you to edit your photo colours)
-PuriPhoto (A tools for girls editing their photo, FULLY RECOMMENDED)

-Labyrinth LE (Same as HTC Teeter)
-Labyrinth 2 Lite Version (Second version for Labyrinth)
-Hell Flyer (Spiderman? xD)
-Dragon Warrior Bruce Lee Lite Version (A demo version for you to try it out before buy from Appstore)
-Battle Bears (A mini shooting game come with story mode)
-WN-Blade (A Story of a warrior, action type)
-Critter Crunch Lite Version (A mini arcade game, very cute!)
-Aftermath (A action game, kinda same as L4D)
-NinJump (A mini arcade game, very challenging if you play with OpenFeint Network.)
-Mega Jump (A mini arcade game, challenging yourself to break the high score and get more point to unlock!)
-Tap Tap Ants (A mini game, TAP the ANTS! Before they ATTACK your pizza!)
-STZ-Zero (A motion sensor mini arcade game, challenging with OpenFeint Network)
-New York (The 3D RollerCoaster Rush)
-3D Mini Golf (Trial version)
-PuzzleBubbles Lite Version (A mini arcade game, suitable for girls and kids)
-Paper Toss (A mini game, TOSS paper in every way! Break your combo record!)
-Whacksy Taxi (A mini arcade game, challenging with OpenFeint Network)

-MY FM (A Malaysia Chinese FM)
-hitz.fm (A Malaysia English FM)
-Talking Tom (Entertain yourself when you are bored, but please make sure you`re ALONE!)
-ShakeShakePOP! Lite Version (Shake YOUR iPhone!)
-IKEA Catalogue (Application allow you to view all the products by IKEA)

Currently, that`s all I recommended! Would try to get more and more.
Well, those application are free version, I do not have the money to spend on AppStore.
But you can Jailbreak your iPhone 4 which running 4.0.1.
4.0.2 or 4.1, sorry, you can`t do Jailbreak at this moment!
I DO NOT RECOMMENDED JAILBREAK! It would void the warranty, but you can easily done a restore before you need to claim the warranty.

Malaysian please kindly take note !
Maxis iPhone 4 / Digi iPhone 4 issues,
So far, several people has discovered few issues on their iPhone 4,
-Yellow tint or dead pixel on the screen
-Signal will drop to zero even hang the phone a lone. (Do not have any sources)
-Death Grip, the reception drop to zero
-Lagging while viewing photos or running iPod
-Get stuck when update firmware
-When Wifi is connected, settings shown NOT CONNECTED
-Battery life cannot long last, even stick will light usage! In standby mode, battery will gone in wild!

Signal drop when death grip!

Yellow tint on the screen!

So far, my iPhone 4 without any issues running in 4.0.2! Will update to 4.1 later!
STAY TURN! Will do more update to you all!

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