26 September 2010

Ozaki iCoat Black Bubbles Rubber Case for iPhone 4

*Wink*! *Wink* !
Yea, I did manage head to Quill Automobiles BMW in this morning!
And bought a case for my babe!
That`s Ozaki iCoat Black Bubbles Rubber Case, I am not sure how much is the retail price,
it would be MYR129. But the Digi iPhone 4 event only selling at MYR70!
Kinda sad, that`s not much of options, only few design of the HardCase and RubberCase.
If you need more options and you`re funding some high-end cases for your iPhone 4!
You must head to Mac center! A "COOL" case would cost you around MYR300+!

Here is picture of the case -

Well, I personally not very satisfied with this case. I`m funding some cuttieeeee or sexxieeeeee case, but I can`t manage to get it since Digi event do not provide much of option. And as a poor kid, me, I do not have high budget on it.

Why rubber case?
Most of the hardcase designed for iPhone 4, when user attach it to a pure naked body,
that would easily scratch the body, so I choose rubber case.

Reviews for Ozaki iCoat Black Bubbles Rubber Case
Pros -
-Recommended for low budget 
-Come with invisible screen protector (Clear Type)
-The protection designs (Bubbles)
-Fully cover your iPhone 4 after applied screen protector and the rubber case
-Grip feels is very awesome

Cons -
-It is bit hard to take it out if you put in pocket
-The shape cannot long last

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