25 September 2010

iPhone 4 iPhone 4! Crazy-ing In Malaysia!

Yo my readers! Kinda made you all disappointed since a long time I never update my blog!
And now, I am going to update you all with iPhone 4! Yes, I owned it! No worry! I will show you all the real pictures!

Well, Maxis just launched at 23/9/2010  11p.m. at The Garden!
I am so so so sad I missed out because of my exams.
I heard about, people who got their iPhone 4 from Maxis, they had queue for 10-12 hours!
I am not sure how was Maxis proceed the deal. But! ask me to queue up for 10-12 hours to get an iPhone?
Oh please, I rather order it from Singapore. Beside the warranty is different, all is about the SAME!
Singapore Apple`s store

Maxis, the packages definitely more expensive than Digi, the reason is simple, Digi for kids, Maxis for adults,
that`s why Digi must be low budgets. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.......
That`s just a few simple steps for you to enjoy calling / texting with your iPhone 4,

> Got your iPhone 4! *Winks Winks*!
> Head to any Maxis center near by your location!
> Open a new postpaid line or sub your prepaid to a main line!
> 5-10 minutes......DONE!
> Ask the people who serving you, get you a micro-sim!
> Taaaaaalaaangggggg........Micro-Sim is on your hand!!! *Exciting*!!! Pin code will be : 0123!!!
> Drive safe to your home please! Do not RUSH!
> Got back? Unbox your iPhone 4!
> Be careful white taking it out^^
> Use the Sim-ejector!
> Put your Micro-sim in!
> Taaaaalaaaaaanggggggg!!!! Please Connect To iTunes For Activation!!!!!
> Register and name your iPhone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>>>>>>END OF STORY<<<<<<<<<

-Maxis iPhone Rate Plans
-Digi iPhone Rate Plans

I am going Digi iPhone 4 event on tomorrow at Quill Automotive BMW!
I am going to get a pretty case for my iPhone 4.... She is naked without any protection.....>.<
Well, I guess nothing much to update about it! A small remind to you all!
Please DO NOT say iPhone 4 SUCKS before you owned it!
I could say, no ones can compare with it. iOS 4.1 is really an awesome operating system for iPhone!
The antenna problem still remain! It`s just solved by software!
The signal will drop to very weak if you hold it wrong!
Apple will not collect it back and fix it! That`s gonna to cause Apple a huge loss!
That`s why US Apple Store selling their iPhone with free bumper!

*Let`s LOL to all Asians! Especially Malaysians! Try to ask yourself WHY Maxis & Digi can launch iPhone 4 at September 2010?! Eh, please! It should be end of 2010! NOT NOW! WHY?! Easy to answer, Apple selling faulty iPhone 4! European REJECTED Apple sell it on their markets!!!!And thn? Think yourself......*


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