28 September 2010

iPhone 4 Case Free Programs

I am so down after I`ve read some forum about the iPhone 4 Case Free Programs,
click the link, be watchful! Look at the DEADLINE! Oh My F*** God!
It`s 30 September 2010! O.O!
Damn, today is 28/9/2010, and that`s two more days to go?!
Must be faster right? I am kinda sorry update to you guys extremely slow.
Well, save the time, no nonsense! Let`s pick which case you prefer!

 Procedure to claim your free case from Apple!

1.) Make sure you got a iTunes account! But, MUST NOT be a Malaysia iTunes Account!
Because, Apple do not provide free case programs for Malaysia. So, you will not allow to download the Apps if signed in with a Malaysia iTunes account! Lend from your friend or register a new account! I am here to suggest you all get a Singapore iTunes Account, because it`s nearer to Malaysia and Apple will not ship the case to Malaysia. (You must have a friend living in Singapore, so that Apple can deliver to your friend which living in Singapore, and you can get from him/her.)

2.) Please go to this link and open it with iTunes (Apple Free Case Program)

3.) Download and install, do follow the instruction.

4.) Choose your free case

5.) Submit

6.) Wait for the shipment!

Here is some cases offered by Apple
- Apple Bumper Case 
This "case", which is the Original Apple iPhone 4 Bumper, it does not covered the back side of iPhone 4 when you apply it. Surely, I do not recommend you all to claim this case, not worth at all, unless you don`t mind. It cost USD$29.

-Belkin Shield Case
Well, this case is made by hard form fitting plastic. It cost USD$24.99.

-Griffin Motif
This case is kinda same as my current case, it`s made by flexible materials which you could easily fit in your iPhone without any problem. It cost USD$19.99.

-Griffin Reveal 
The side of case is made by soft rubber, and the back side is covered by a polycarbonate. I am not sure Apple offered a clear type polycarbonate or a carbon polycarbonate or may be both. It cost USD$29.99.

-Incase Snap
This is the most popular simplest plastic case for iPhone 4 in the worldwide. Simple is just nice. I am not sure it cost how much on the markets, but what I can say there`s a lot of unbranded Snapcase selling in Malaysia which only cost around RM15-25. Remember, Apple only offered two colours.

-Speck Fitted
A hardcase for you to protect your iPhone 4 while you can enjoy with the fashionable designs. It cost USD$29.95.

-Speck PixelSkin HD
Definitely a super solid silicon case for iPhone 4! It is a smooth and flexible protective case that offers a contoured skinny fit. The back of the case offers a polished artful look with a matte pixel overlay. The slim case offers decent protection in an eye catching design! It cost USD$29.95.

I guess that`s all offered from Apple, personally I choose the  Speck PixelSkin HD. It`s really looks SOLID for protect your iPhone 4. I`ve been ordered from Apple using my iPhone 4. Is pending my friend send it to me. To all Malaysia, if you do not have any connection in Singapore, please kindly inform me within the remaining 2 days to the deadline, I could help you claim it up and get a case which cost around MYR100+ only with a small transaction and shipment fees! No worry!

UPDATE (9/29/2010) :
Apple called my friend by today, according to their research, iPhone 4 got no more issue about antenna! The free cases program has been canceled! Most of the people who done the claiming procedure will receive the call too! Apple never keep their words which is 30 September 2010 is the submit deadline? Who got the antenna problem, you should throw your iPhone 4 back to Apple store and show them in front, how the signal drop when death grip.


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