30 September 2010

How To Turn Off iPhone 4 Internet Data

Out there, should be a lot of Malaysian are using iPhone 4,
Your telco would not announce when your iPhone 4 is connected to Internet Data, 
after a month, you would be surprise by the bills^^.  According to a client, Maxis charged him about RM6k.
After negotiated, the client been offered to pay around RM800. Please be careful!
Always check your bill balance!
For Maxis User, type :
choose 7 > My Account
choose 1 > Billing Info
choose 1 > Current & Outstanding Balance OR choose 2 > Unbilled amt & Credit limit

How`s the Maxis charge you in the data?
Not sure what is KB? 

Look at the bytes! You may try to disconnect your computer network and reconnect again,
open a new browser tab, load a youtube video, and see the bytes increasing...

A lot a previous customers did complain about the data charge, no announcement when your phone had connected to Data network.
Well, iPhone is the most scary gadget which always running applications behind and without any notification even it was connected to GPRS/EDGE/3G Network!

Here is the guide, how to switch off all the internet data! Please do follow the highlighted steps!




Make sure all the settings inside the Network is OFF!
The signal highlighted is my home wifi, which is mean if your iPhone 4 is connected to WIFI network, it would shown the signal at the top.
A "E" signal on the top, which is mean you been connected to EDGE network,
Aa "3G" Sign on top, may mean you been connected to 3G network.
Please be very careful and watchful, iPhone will always running some applications itself and it would be auto connected to data network.
If you had subscribed Data plan from any telco company, you will not to be worry about the charges.
This theory is for those never subscribe Data plans. 


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