22 May 2010

Cloud Got Him Self A New Gadget - HTC TOUCH 2 (SE)

Yea, just a couple days ago, I got myself a new gadget!
HTC TOUCH 2 Special Edition.
Reason for getting this gadget, I just want to try anything new.
And I had promised someone to get a new phone with Video Call,
but I failed to! Because HTC TOUCH 2(SE) never come with a secondary camera,
which is mean, 3G call is not available.
Well, a lot of HTC phone designed without secondary camera, I don`t know why,
but the sexy - Iphone also.

So, my personal reviews for HTC TOUCH 2!
It`s a recommended gadget, the WIFI make anything perfect!
You can even run Youtube in a freaking smooth buffer!
It can be easily mod the internal OS to Windows MO 6.5 which is the latest,
and the SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.3 can be install with SPB Skins 4.5.2!
You can run your style in Iphone, Omnia, Diamond, etc. etc.
Conclusion, it`s cheap enough which is selling at HTC Center with the price RM1299,
except Video call, I can`t find out any less or more compare with others WindowsPhone!

Currently, think to sell it off, why? because I really need a WindowsPhone which is SUPPORTED 3G Video Call!!!!!
Planned to go with either HTC TOUCH HD Mini or DIAMOND 2!!!
If you have nice offer! Just offer me! I would get back to you as soon as possible!


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