20 April 2010

New Apply leaked! The Iphone 4G!

Haha, a cool story to share here!
Apple Software Engineer named Gray Powell, lost his secret "Iphone 3GS" which is Iphone 4G
in a bar Gourmet Haus Staudt - Redwood City, California.
And Apple has made a reported lost : -
Apple-connected John Gruber—from Daring Fireball—says that Apple has indeed lost a prototype iPhone and they want it back.

It doesn`t sounds good for us, the new Iphone 4G looks soon will disappointing people who are
waiting for it. It`s just like a new apple people wouldn`t want to bite it, as LYN-Huai said!
 Mac, you failed!!!!

SOS - Gizmodo
        - The New Iphone 4G

There is no more curve........
An apple with good taste,
but without the good looks!


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