01 February 2010

CNY 2K10!!!!!


Yooooo, yesterday horr,
I went to One-U with family,
I saw a lot of people loo, eye sipeh busy,
keep looking for lenglui.....
and than laa horr, a lot of event is running there......
I also don`t know where to busy better...
So, I choose to go shop for my new shoe loo....
I got this laa POASCHE DESIGN S3,

But hor, I prefer shop on the website (Hugo Boss / Fred Perry),
very sad loo, not enough time for it to send here before CNY...


Okay now! I am here to offer myself at this coming 14 Fed 2k10,
Valentine's Day,
who willing to celebrate with me? Don`t be shy, if you feel you are going to be alone, phone me okay?

Yesterday, I had saw a lot of couples shopping around, so sweet,
but how about myself? ALONE!

I am worried about, isn`t I going to be alone at the end of my secondary school life? I heard a lot of people said, never miss your relationship in your secondary school life, that`s nothing more simple and unaffected than that!
I do believe, when it`s in the 80s/90s! Simple and unaffected!
Seriously, it`s hard to happen in my secondary school life,
because I only got 1 1 transport.

Today special thanks to YiYon buy me a drink,
and ShenYin enjoyed the cake I gave her!
here to say, Happy Birthday, again to ShenYin!

Here to wish all my friends, family and everyone!
Have a great Chinese New Year and Valentine`s Day!

If I can get a girlfriend as this, I not gonna to wait!
Can you married me!

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