19 February 2010

6th day of Chinese New Year........

Yea of course till now I am really happy!
From 1st day of Chinese New Year,
gambling never lose, but I had controlled myself very well,
never greedy!

3rd day of Chinese New Year!
Me and my cousins went "Loud Speaker Karaoke"!
Entire journey, FLU never leave me!

5th day of Chinese New Year!
Rushed back from my hometown,
night, joined a Steamboat party!

Today, from morning until 7pm,
I just homed, very tired!
But it is a great day, full of laughing stock!

But now I am not in mood,
missed someone a lot,
tried to do something.............
but never get it............
and of course, my mood has been influenced by my family.....

But I still love my family!

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