01 January 2010

The First Day Of 2010!

First Day! First Day! First Day!
My last night was awesome!
"Count-Down" with friends!
We finished our dinner at 4a.m,
we slept at 6-7a.m,
we having our breakfast at 2p.m.
This is how we celebrate The beginning of 2010!
It`s FULL of FUN!

And now, I am seriously tired,
waiting for 9-10p.m to lying down on my lovely bed!
So, end of the 2010 first day was coming!
4 hours to go!
Why not we count-down again?
I am just kidding...xD

This year is the most important year for me,
and also my last chance! I don`t think I can miss it,
only I can, that`s SUCCESS!
Because of everything!
A girl,
my friends,
my parents,
my future,

Byabya 2009!!!!^^

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