01 August 2009


-Inside Friendship-
and more.....

Sometime, "suansiao" too serious
it will become "GL",
Sometime, "fooling" too much
it will become childish,
Sometime, happy too "over",
it will become bored,
Sometime , laughed too "loud?",
it will become "fight",
Sometime, argue without ending,
your friendship may end there..

-What kind of friends we have-
high temper,
and more......

we need to facing all kind of friends in our life,
it is hard, but we MUST!
If we all can be the kind of non-flammable and kindly friend,
our friendship would be PEACEFUL!!!......
Cherish your friendship.....
Don`t break it....

- If You Don`t Understand -
"suansiao" begin sarcastic.
Hokkian dirty w
"GL" short-font in ord,
It mean something like
try to make someone angry.

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