25 July 2009

STK~Treasure Hunt~Awesome !!!

Yeah! Today went to STK joined an event!
Treasure Hunt! Organized by YK!
Damn nice!
Team with all "korkor" and "jiejie"
We won!!!!!!
We are the 1st runner!
Yeah!!!!! RM100!!!!!!
Register fees no need to pay...
still can ate Pizza and McD Sundae-Cone at JJ!!!!!!!
Wow!!! We are the best!!!!
My teammate : -
- EeLee "Jie"
- XieWei "Jie"
- My Sis
- Huat "Kor"
- BoonChung

If you don`t understand

"STK" is Klang High School in malay short-font

"JieJie" is pronunciation in Chinese
it mean Brother&Sister

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