27 July 2009

LOL!!!Too Many "Friends" Gives Bill Gates a Headache!!!!!!

LOL!!! What a good article I ever read before!!!!!!!
While most people are randomly adding friends they don’t even know on Facebook,
I know you are one of them!!!!!!LOL!!!!!
Bill Gates is running away from it.
Recently, Bill Gates confessed at a gathering that Facebook was just creating too much trouble for him so he just stopped using it altogether.
He even commented that Facebook could be a “waste of time”.
Yeah!!!I agree!!!!
It is not surprising that some people just dislike the idea of Facebook,
but coming from the founder of Microsoft saying that it’s
too hard to keep up with the number of people adding him,
is just downright weird!
For those enjoyed play facebook!
The reason is because you are too free!
and your population damn sucky!!
So, that`s why no buddy adding you!
and you keep adding buddy!!!!LOL!!!!
You don`t ever know the feeling of Bill Gates!
You are BORING and
But something I wan to say!
Facebook had a good picture sharing system!
I like it!!!!
For those gaming......=.=lll....
as Bill Gates commented" WASTE OF TIME!"

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