21 June 2009

This is what I done!!!!! Father`s day!!!!!!

Wooorrrrppsss.....This is what I did
in 2009 father`s day!
Well, I knew many of you will
celebrate father`s day at restaurant.
But I am not!
I am just be normal,
whole day stay at home,
play fool with my dad,
but.....you all should know what reaction will get
when you play fool with your dad....
I cooked today!
My 1st time?
I prepare dinner with my sis and mum,
You know what I feel?
I felt I am a chef!
Wow!!!My mum assisted me!
This is what I did !
Hope my daddy will get my loves.

This picture shoot by my "Artless" sis!

A special Delicacies done by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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