30 May 2009

SPCA!!!Happy!!!But it really full of trouble!!!

Today I got a nice day at SPCA with my brothers!
It really nice, I show my true heart to all the doggies!
xD....I mean, I am not kidding. XD...
But it really full of trouble!
No teacher,
No timing,
No confirmation,
No maintainer,
No information,
No permit!

Whole trip what we get?
Just have a lot of fun with our self!
Brothers man!
Just share all of the random shoot by me!

What you all looking for?

Are you all ready to do the jobs?

Yah!!!you all are the man!

Playing or what?

This is the a funny happened when we doing job! Let`s see!

Norman : You all see the "noob" doing what!

LoL! SW broke the rubbish bag! He trying to clean all the rubbish!
(Call you throw rubbish you playing fool la)

Yeah! Finally he clean it up! Still happy! =.=

So tired?

This another funny happened when we all take rest in 7eleven!

CH : See I can handle a bottle without my hand!

Finally....The bottle drop down.......

Gogogog! Sunway We are coming!

We get a few happy hour in Sunway!
But I din`t take any photo!
Cause it is too busy.
Still need some photo from others friends!
Hope you all can send me!

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