08 May 2009

It is "normal" better than "special"

How could I explain normal?
normal means normal.
absolutely normal!
Nothing special between normal.
It is just NORMAL.

"MuM" is a normal pronunciation of mother,
whole world,
all the countries,
all the people,
will call mother as "mum".

What do you think?
It is all countries had make a conclusion before we pronounce?
It is because, love of mother.
The Power of love!
She take care of you,
She try to make all the best for you,
She won`t complain when she really tired,
She is just to try her best to make you happy.
Try to spend more time for her, if you are a busy person,
Just try your best as she tries her best!
Don`t forget what she teach you,
Don`t forget where you come from!

Just a few words!
I love You!
Tell her on this sunday!
She will feel, she din`t wasted time on you.
and happy!

9months is not easy as you think!

At The time, You dun know anything,
But you can felt it, You will cry,
when she is not beside you!
That is called LOVE!

By -Lovely Cloud-

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