19 April 2009

My Teacher-Mr. PHAN!!!!!!Thank You!!!!!

Some of my friends not from KH they may ask who is he?
Well, I am glad to explain who is he!
Hmmmm, Mr.PHAN is the 1st teacher I had never seen before
so Cute!

He look like a young boy,
and a pair of BIG eyes,
and his voice is very soft!

He teach me Physics!
And give me a tuition class in a day of week!
(I hope it can be more!xD)

The 1st day he came to my class,
and my friend told me this teacher will be our Physics teacher!
I had been stunned a few minutes!
Look like a kid!
How to teach us?!
But now, I beg him, again and again to teach me!
My Idol !!!
So, can you get a notion in your mind now?

Thank you put in a lot of hard work to teach me!

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