26 April 2009

My B`day!!!!!!!

Hmmm.....Today, I wake up at 4.45am,
5am reached school,
Me and my friends were join the "Jogathon Warisan 2009" event,
School bus fetched us to the objective place (KL),
Oh my god, we got 11 bus, once of the bus accident!
It is scary! half of the roof of the bus break down!
Lucky no students get hurt!
But, our teacher get hurt!
Lucky too! It is not serious.
After ran, we back to school!
me and my friends use 1hour to completed the 5KM distant!
wow! it is very nice!

My teacher a.k.a my friend he fetched
me, SY, HY, LongJiat, and norman to BT Jusco!
that because of my B`day!
They treat me ate BBQ.Plaza!

Special thanks to
You all give me a happy memoirs on 16year old B`day!
Thx alot!!!

Now I am waiting tonight!
My family, hehe.
Take a rest first!

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